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Hi, It’s nice to meet you.

I’m Cassie Zimmerlee, and i’m glad you are here.

I come from a large family with four siblings and nine nieces and nephews. Despite life’s twists and turns, I’ve maintained a strong friendship with my ex-husband and his new family. I also have some unique life experiences, including living in Alaska for a handful of years. On my move home from Alaska I decided I wanted to drive solo for a time of self-reflection. After two days of traveling, the unthinkable happened, and my car broke down in the Yukon. Fortunately, for me, a kind family took me in for five days until they fixed my car. These experiences have enriched my life and deepened my empathy and understanding of the importance of community and resilience.

Who am I outside of therapy:

When I’m not working on a flower farm or spending time with my nieces and nephews, you will find me in nature with my dog, Bernard. We love to run, hike, or bike on the abundant trail system in the Coastal Range and the Cascades.

How did I become a therapist:

After completing a master’s in behavioral science with an emphasis on higher education and gaining several years of professional experience, I decided to pursue another degree in the behavioral sciences: a master’s in marriage and family therapy. I have always been deeply interested in the behavioral sciences, including anthropology, social science, and sociology. This interest has now led me to further my education in psychology, where I can apply my passion and knowledge to support individuals and families more effectively.

What can you expect as my client:

Clients can expect a compassionate and knowledgeable therapist dedicated to supporting their unique needs. My extensive background in various aspects of behavioral sciences and hands-on experience in diverse roles equips me with a broad understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and families. My approach is rooted in effective communication, empathetic listening, and culturally sensitive counseling, ensuring clients feel heard and understood. Whether navigating complex systems, providing emotional support during crises, or developing personalized goals, I am committed to fostering a supportive and healing environment. Clients can also anticipate a therapist who values the importance of self-care and balance, as evidenced by my love for my family, nature and outdoor activities. This holistic approach to well-being enhances my ability to connect with and support clients on their journey toward healing.


Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy at Capella University. My studies cover individuals, couples, and families facing challenges to crisis.

I also hold a Master of Science in Social Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Latin American Studies from California State University, Chico.


My journey began in Honolulu, HI, where I collaboratively worked with houseless individuals for independent housing, advocated for their needs, and ensured compliance with state guidelines. I then moved to Anchorage, AK, and worked guiding families through the process of acquiring assistance for loved ones in need. Following this, I spent several years as a Financial Aid Advisor at a Community College, assisting students with the nuances of federal and state financial aid requirements.

ideal clients

Anyone who wants to deepen their relationships with family, their partner, themselves, or nature! Coming from a large family, I understand the complexities and joys of familial relationships. 

My unique and varied experiences have equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and families, which I bring to my practice.

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