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Hi, It’s nice to meet you.

I’m renee naylor, and i’m glad you are here.

A fun fact about myself, is I have always loved words, writing them, reading them, and being creative through words.

What can you expect as my client:

I understand that life can throw some big turns in our path, and sometimes, we need help navigating them. I listen deeply and without judgment. I will treat you with respect and work hard to help you achieve your therapy goals. 

Who am I outside of therapy:

Family is the center of my world. I spend most of my time with my hubby and kids. I have five, all grown but one daughter. I also love spending time spoiling my four grandchildren. I am an avid listener of audiobooks, and when I am not studying or working, I am curled up on the couch with my pups or crafting, all while listening to audiobooks.  

How did I become a therapist:

I finally took a leap of faith after 25 years in another career path and determined it was time to follow my dream of working with trauma survivors and children as a therapist. 


I am in the final year of my Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, specializing in trauma-informed therapy. 


I spent 25 years in mental health and developmental disabilities as a behavior specialist and consultant before becoming a therapist.

ideal clients

My ideal clients are families and children suffering from trauma of any background, ethnicity, or gender. I believe we are all part of a prism of beautiful colors, each unique and valuable. 

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