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T / W / Th – Evenings

Friday 2-7pm

Do you feel as if you do not belong or aren’t “normal?” As you explore, push boundaries, and learn who you are, there may be times when you feel anxious, sad, or overwhelmed. There is no one-size-fits-all definition of “normal.” You are unique, and it’s perfectly fine to be yourself. Together, we can explore what “normal’ means to you. With my support, you can learn new coping skills that work for you, find new meaning, gain self-confidence, and author a life story that brings great joy and happiness.

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Pre-licensed Professional


M / T / W / Th – Evenings


You are always on the lookout for the “real” you. No matter where you go, it’s like something is missing. You hear about people being “present”, but you can’t figure out what they mean. What you want is to find out who you are. To get to know the person in the mirror. You need to make sense of whats holding you down from being your best version. To be in control of making your best future and you don’t want to waste any time doing it. Together we can crack the code on where you feel stuck, and find a path to empowerment.

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Pre-licensed Professional


M / T and Th / F – Evenings


With common stressors today leading individuals to feel isolated more than ever, I’m determined to help you find active solutions for those problems where breathing exercises just don’t do the trick anymore. I am especially passionate about assisting individuals who have not found success with conventional treatment methods, and I use a holistic approach to consider the root causes of your struggles that may not have been previously explored. 

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Pre-licensed professional


M / T / W / Th – Evenings

Friday 12-2pm

As humans we all want to be accepted and need to be wanted. As a mom and a previous daycare provider and healthcare worker, I have seen the impact of trauma and addiction on not just adults and children, but the entire family system. My goal is to provide safety, understanding, acceptance, and support while helping you strengthen your tools to face any challenge that life throws your way.

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M / T / Th – Days

M / T / W / Th – Evenings

Are you having great sex with your partner? If not, do you want to? That’s where I come in. Helping you find meaning and connection through shared respect is also part of my process. We will work together to leave shame, embarrassment, and judgment at the door and build a fantastic sex life, which everyone deserves. Together, we will make the dream become reality.

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M / T / W / Th – Evenings

Friday 12-7pm

Does your heart hurt? Is there something just “off” in your life? Whether you are searching for a way to make life more meaningful, or wanting to be closer to your important people, connection is a great place to start. You don’t need to suffer in silence or alone. We have an amazing ability to heal our minds, our hearts, our souls. I believe you can heal, and I’ll help you.

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