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We are a small group practice providing individual and relational therapy in the Portland metro area and all of Oregon through telehealth

Hello and welcome! We are glad you are here. It’s the first step towards genuine healing.

As of 5/6/24:

We are ACCEPTING new clients.

We provide online therapy through an encrypted and HIPAA compliant platform. Click below to prepare for your online session!


Individual and Relational Therapy

does something feel off?

Is there a disconnect in your life somewhere? In your relationship? Does it feel like everything you tried just isn’t working? We all have times when we feel stuck or need support. Therapy is a great way to discover solutions for change.

The way we behave, think, and feel is impacted by things outside ourselves such as family dynamics, relationships, work and school pressures, and societal expectations. With all of those layers, no wonder we struggle sometimes! Life is complex and therapy provides space to sort things out. 

Therapy is a collaborative process. We will build a relationship together that illuminates solutions and creates new ways to interact with yourself and important others. 

Benefits of Therapy

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True Heart Therapy was founded by Brandie Lyday to help those struggling increase connection. Whether you’re searching for a way to make life more meaningful or wanting to work on your romantic relationship, connection is a great place to start.

Our therapists will help you get in touch with your true self, needs, and wants so you can genuinely show up in your life and relationships with others.

About us

Our role as your therapist is to support you in your quest for change and healing. On our journey, you may need us to be your backseat driver, the rearview mirror, the ‘check engine’ light, or your high beams. While you are the one driving car, we will be a support to get you to your destination safely. 

We firmly believe in social justice, meaning our race, class, gender, and backgrounds all play a part in who we are and how we interact with others. We are an anti-racist practice.

While these topics may not be why you are seeking therapy, they often influence how we move through the world and space is available to explore that together.

Meet Our Providers


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Locating strengths to invite change, growth, and transformative healing

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Building, repairing, and increasing relational connection

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Strengthening, developing, and guiding therapist’s systemic skills

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Program consultation and trainings for agencies and professionals


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We tailor our approach to the needs of each client(s). We integrate multiple frameworks into our practice and while we all have different styles, we are united to provide you the best treatment possible.  

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Issues we treat

We treat the following issues: 

  • Addiction (substances, gambling, pornography, sex)
  • Anxiety, stress, depression
  • Break ups, separation, divorce, infidelity
  • Family conflict with a loved one who has addiction
  • Sex, intimacy, connection problems
  • Grief, trauma, PTSD
  • Parenting struggles
  • Pregnancy, prenatal, and postpartum experiences


Review our fees and insurance

Fees and Insurance

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