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Relational therapy

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When we see a couple or family, that unit becomes our client. We will help you and your loved ones create room for every person to share their perspective. 

Depending on what brings everyone to therapy, there may be times when we ask to see specific family members individually. We generally like to see everyone at least once by themselves to get an unfiltered look at the current situation.

We may decide it would be helpful to invite an important other into sessions. We have the flexibility to include whomever we need to. 


strengthening relationships

Do you want to be deeply seen by your partner? Maybe life has happened and you no longer focus on each other like you once did. Couples therapy can help you fall in love again, to see those qualities that drew you together in the first place. 

When working with romantic partnerships, it is helpful to work on attunement. That means becoming more aware of our partner’s inner experience, finding an acceptable balance between each other’s needs and wants, and taking the risk to reach out for support. 


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repairing partnerships

Many things can damage relationships: Infidelity, addictions, lies, betrayals, competing goals or dreams, diverging ideas on parenting… this list can be endless. No matter the relational injury, we humans have an amazing capacity to heal. It may not be an easy journey, but it is possible, and we can do this together.


We may explore how repair happens, track patterns that fuel escalated arguments, acknowledge the wounds we have and inflict on each other, and work on transparency to strengthen trust. Most relationships thrive on dependability, consistency, shared vision, and vulnerability, and we can help you find these qualities in each other again. 


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