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what is Telhealth?

Telehealth is a virtual session with your therapist through live video using a web camera and microphone. True Heart Therapy uses a HIPAA compliant (that means it’s extra secure) video service through SimplePractice.  You will have a unique link to access an encrypted space to meet with your therapist for all appointments.

Preparing for a telehealth session

Find a private, comfy space that you can spend an hour in.  This could be your office or living room, your car, or backyard.  If you are concerned with others overhearing the conversation, wearing headphones can help. 

If others are around, you might ask them to not interrupt you during our session time.  You might say you have an important meeting, or if you feel safe to disclose, that you have a therapy session. 

If you are interrupted (by human or pet), we love meeting others! Introductions are not required, but they are welcome.  We will not identify myself as your therapist unless you introduce us as such.  You may invite anyone into our sessions that you choose.  This is your session to use how you need. 


Your appointment can be accessed anywhere with your phone, tablet, or computer and a strong internet connection.  On vacation?  At a business conference?  In the comfort of your own home?  No problem.

Less travel time

No commuting time required.  No need to leave early to account for traffic.  All you need is a phone, wifi, and a private space.


It’s so cool when it works!  It doesn’t always work like we need it to.  Make sure to charge your device prior to our session and check your audio settings so we can hear each other.  We can’t prevent certain technological happenings from occurring, and that’s understandable (like the internet fluctuating or electricity going off). 


Part of what helps therapy be so helpful is that it’s private.  On our end, we will wear headphones to limit any potential overhearing from family in our home.  Our sessions will take place in a private office with the door closed.  On your end, please find a space you are comfortable speaking in that limits interruptions if possible.

Quick Telehealth Checklist

  • Ask for privacy/no interruptions from others near your space
  • Make sure your devices are charged enough or plugged in for the session
  • Check that your hot spot or wifi is turned on
  • Log into the Client Portal to access your appointment link
  • Secure comfortable seating (blankets optional)
  • If a beverage or snack is needed, those are nearby
  • Some people like taking notes – pull up a notepad (electronic or physical!) 
  • Check your space for appropriateness – please no sessions from your bathroom!
  • We are ready to rock n’ roll.  See you soon!

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