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Possible Benefits of therapy

Generally, therapy is helpful, enlightening, and transformative.

Simply scheduling the first appointment leads people to feel relief and hope. 

Therapy helps people:

  • Feel better about themselves and their relationships
  • Experience improved mood, self-esteem, and confidence 
  • Become more expressive and effective communicators
  • Strengthen their ability to overcome difficulty

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Potential risks of therapy

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It may get worse before it gets better

This is normal to expect.  When a pebble is thrown into a pond, it makes ripples.  Most people come into therapy for one of two reasons: They are considering a change or life has become unmanageable.  You are ultimately the one to decide if the risks of change are worth the potential benefits.

Change can be terrifying

Even if change is wanted, it can be a scary process to try something new or unknown.  There is no guarantee it will be the outcome you want, but it may be exactly what you need.  Both the journey and the destination are important aspects of growth.

It can stir up difficult or intense feelings

It is hard to look in the mirror and really see the reflection.  We all have ways to handle being uncomfortable.  Some of our tools only provide temporary relief  and some put us in dangerous situations.

Our ultimate goal is your safety, and we will talk about and find a pacing that works for you.



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